IKI retail chain is one of the ten biggest companies in the Baltic States, consisting of over 280 retail centres in Lithuania and Latvia.

IKI stands out for its innovation in using the latest technologies and creating programmes that allow loyal customers to save money. It was the first company to introduce loyalty programmes, self-service checkout, fast service checkout system, and create eco-friendly shopping bags, as well as a line of exclusive products IKI GURMANAI. IKI also actively participates in the social life of the society.

The main values and goals, upheld every day by the company, are providing the highest quality products, a carefully selected product range, impeccable service, cosy atmosphere and client satisfaction.

You can find everything in IKI shops to satisfy your daily needs, choosing from a wide range of fresh, high quality products. Here you will also be offered a choice of essential home products. Many of the shopping centres house other companies, such as banks, insurance companies and mobile network operators.

IKI retail chain makes for an excellent choice for those wanting to bring back a unique high quality present from Lithuania. Even if you only remember about getting a present the last minute – IKI shops are always nearby! A wide range of choice of delicious high quality Lithuanian products, as well as a convenient shopping location will not let you disappoint your friends and family expecting a present.